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Freestyle Poetry

6 Jun

By Nesher Ehrman

A favorite hobby of mine is to write freestyle poetry. It sounds weird, which is good, because that’s what it is, but it can also sometimes come out surprisingly good. The idea is to just write sentences as fast as you think of them, with the only caveat being – it has to rhyme. That’s all. Once you’re done, you look back and read what you’ve written. It’s like a look at your subconscious, letting your forebrain take a rest while you run on automatic. It can be very interesting.

Writing out some lines while you’re staring at the screen,

If you don’t think what you write then it might come out obscene

The words just flow, they come right out, and go just as they may

And some ideas will dissappear, while others here to stay

A word which has no meaning is seldom understood

But who was the first who said a piece of tree was wood?

There must have been a person who moved on from grunts and squeals

Just as the first caveman turned “rolling” into wheels

Inventions may come naturally, or for them you have to strive

But that is what it means when we say we are alive

You see? Like I said, pretty weird, but at the same time, it can also be kind of interesting. If you’re feeling adventurous, try writing some of your own freestyle poetry in the comments.

Soad Hacham’s The Ravens Eye

8 Apr

GUEST: Soad Hachami,25 years young love to read,write and bake.I enjoy writing poetry you can find me here on my blog http://www.soadhachami.wordpress.com


The ravens’ eye I wish to flee

That stare’th right Inside of me.

That hollow gaze which drills

My mind

Searching for the

Weak inclined

Thought that passes

From my heart.

Waiting lurking

Stalking still

You shall not

Rob me of my will

I will climb

Atop my mountains


Waiting for my sweet


When I shall

Take what is

Mine and keep

My conscience and my heart

Entwined together

They shall never part

For if they do;

I leave the wind

My secret tool

To nudge me

Softly off my

Stool of

Rock and soul.

And then

That fool

With eyes

So grim

Will not bother

Me a-gain.

What is a Writer?

7 Apr


I asked myself the other day,

Why am I a writer, what made me that way?
That question’s ad hominem, it asks about me,
But it’s true of all writers, counting you thine and thee
Because when you sit, and examine that question
Writing’s more than a job, not just a profession
A person who writes, whether tiny or small
Is always unique, from the first word they scrawl
So now, let me see, we’ve defined some new terms,
A writer’s a creature, not a snail or some germs
But how do they form? Do they pass some hard test?
Or perhaps are they hatched, from an egg, in a nest?
Now I still don’t have an answer to the question I asked,
But now I have new ones, they are rising quite fast
Is there more than one kind, is it decided by age
Can a man be a writer if he’s not old and sage?
To answer all this we might have to digress
Because it is I who must also confess
I don’t have the answers, I don’t know who’s a writer
I just know that I am one, more than lover or fighter
And I don’t know you, I can’t tell if you are
I don’t know if you rhyme or your thinking’s bizarre
Yet one thing I’ll say, and this fact I ensure
If you think you’re a writer, then you are, to be sure
This poem was written by an author of The Writing Corp. To see more poems by the same writer, hop on over to nesherehrman.wordpress.com/
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