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Writer’s Workshop – INTRO

23 May

By Nesher Ehrman

One thing which we feel has always been missing on our site is a place for you, the reader, to express yourself. Imagine a classroom or lecture hall where the teacher talks, writes on the board, gives examples and shows diagrams, but doesn’t allow student participation. That’s not a good classroom.

In the interest of improving our situation, allow us to introduce – the Writer’s Workshop. The idea is to have a number of ‘lessons’ (if you’ll allow me to extend the class metaphor), each one focusing on a different aspect of writing. Each time, we’ll explain what the next workshop will be about, and you, our readers and writers, can send in your… Well, let’s call it ‘homework’, and never mind the negative connotations. It’s a metaphor, ok?

Once you send in your writing, we’ll go over what you’ve written, and in the next issue, we’ll talk about what we’ve read, and feature some of the best examples, as well as an example written by us. That will enable us to tackle the subject from varying sides and viewpoints. The results could be very interesting – and I’m sure we all have a lot to learn from each other.

In our first iteration of Writer’s Workshop, we’ll kick off the series with a creative writing essay. Specifically, exploring a cave. Aim for the region of a hundred words, two or three short paragraphs. So don’t be shy – show us your best creative writing! In the meantime, we’ll write an essay of our own, and we’ll break it all down in our next Writer’s Workshop!

Send your writing to our email address at writerscorpworkshop@gmail.com

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