Imitating Originality

2 Jul

All of the letter, and each of the word
They all have been said, which is odd and absurd
There are no more phrases which have not been used
So how are books new, readers happy, enthused?

How can it be, if no new words are said
That writing still lives, is awake and not dead?
If all we can do is invent permutations
How can there be new best selling sensations?

The answer’s complex, not really so simple
Take for example, the Germanic word ‘wimple’
You have oft heard it said, in relation to nuns
But have you seen it together with the Gaulish word ‘tuns’?

For that is the secret, and the solve to this riddle
The secret of words is neither end or the middle
No, the letters themselves, and the words represented
Are only important for the ideas they’ve presented

The story we hear, which perhaps makes us think
Or a vivid description of a terrible stink
Is not the result of an unheard letter
But the idea it reflects, which makes it much better

Therefore the answer to the question we’ve asked
Is the yoke with which every author is tasked
To take the old words and reset them anew
To create with what is, that is writing for true

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